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Peepers may be the most relaxing game you will ever play. Try a completely original puzzle game that is easy to learn, but guaranteed to challenge you for hours.

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Full of relaxing sounds and beautifully rendered and hand-drawn visuals, Peepers will help you unwind while still challenging your mind. The game revolves around a group of Spring Peeper frogs who are trapped in their ponds. You must help the frogs escape from their ponds to meet by the willow tree for a concert tonight but the only way the peepers can escape is by jumping on lily pads around the pond. The trick is that the frogs' momentum makes the lily pads float to a new position when they jump from pad to pad. Learning the rules is very easy, but to master the game will requires much thought, concentration, and problem-solving.

Sit back and watch the fireflies as they slowly meander through the night sky. Listen to real, recorded guitar music written exclusively for this game. Enjoy adjustable brook sounds and listen to the peeper's chorus, which sounds similar to crickets in the distance. With no time pressure, feel free to play at your own pace and relax. Playing Peepers will make you smarter by increasing your concentration, focus, and problem-solving skills. Try Peepers today!

Screen Shots

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Select from over 100 different levels. Watch the frogs gather under the willow tree as you save them from their ponds. Remember to watch the fireflies and relax. Help each frog reach the path at the top of the screen by hopping from lily pad to lily pad. Higher levels have bigger ponds and multiple frogs.


  • 100 original levels
  • 10 challenging bonus levels
  • Beautifully rendered and hand-drawn visuals with 65000 colors
  • Adjustable peeper and brook sounds
  • Real recorded guitar music
  • Watch the fireflies flicker in the night sky
  • Easy to learn, yet hard to master
  • Free hints and solutions available online
  • Store a saved game for different people in the family
  • Play in full-screen or windowed mode
  • Non-violent fun for the whole family
  • 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP/98/Me/2000
  • Pentium 150 MHz or higher
  • 16 MB of RAM
  • 5 MB of disk space
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1.9 MB
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